Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Epitaph For A Legend

Originally released on the International Artists label, "Epitaph For A Legend" could be seen either as a "Greatest Hits"-type sampler, or as a quick cash grab release. However, I see it as a great piece of history documenting this seminal Texas record label. Although it is missing tracks by such bands as The Golden Dawn and Endle St. Cloud, it is a fairly complete representation of the output of the label. It has, however, been rendered sorta useless with the release of the 3CD set, "Never Ever Land".


01.Big Walter - Breakfast In Bed
02.Dave Allen - C. C. Rider
03.Dave Allen - Saturday A.M. Blues
04.Lightnin' Hopkins - Conversation With Lightnin' Hopkins
05.Lightnin' Hopkins - Black Ghost Blues
06.Roky Erikson - Interview with Roky, KSAN 4/1/78)
07.The Spades - You're Gonna Miss Me
08.The Spades - We Sell Soul
09.Roky & Clementine Hall - Splash 1
10.Roky & Clementine Hall - Right Track Now
11.The 13th Floor Elevators - Wait For My Love
12.The 13th Floor Elevators - 60-Second Radio Spot for 'Bull Of The Woods'
13.The 13th Floor Elevators - Fire Engine


01.The Chayns - Night Time (Is The Right Time)
02.The Patterns - In My Own Time
03.The Chaparrels - I Tried So Hard
04.Thursday's Children - A Part Of You
05.The Rubayyat - If I Were A Carpenter
06.Sonny Hall - Poor Planet Earth
07.Inner Scene - Communication Breakdown
08.The Red Crayola - Hurricane Fighter Plane (Demo)
09.The Red Crayola - Pink Stainless Tail (Demo)
10.The Red Crayola - Nickle Niceness (Demo)
11.The Red Crayola - Vile, Vile Grass (Demo)
12.The Red Crayola - Transparent Radiation (Demo)
13.The Emperors - I Want My Woman
14.Lost And Found - 25 M.P.H.

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